I have introduced and supported legislation for:

  • An Independent Ethics Commission
  • An Increase in the minimum wage for workers, especially wait staff
  • A whistleblower legislation for state employees
  • Hearing aids for minors
  • Idaho jobs
  • Local option authority
  • Affordable housing
  • Election reform

I have also worked with those across the aisle on transportation bills, and water law. I constantly advocate for issues that will help middle class families and small businesses.

Idaho has dropped from near the top of the states in job growth to near the bottom.  We are 50th in the nation for wages per capita.  This is not acceptable, and creating a climate for good jobs – especially in such underfunded areas as education including colleges and universities, supporting small business, and sustainable energy – will be a top priority.

Idaho families are seeking real leadership from the legislature. It’s time to stop dodging the issues and get to work solving our state’s problems. It’s time to stop looking back to 1950 and instead plan for the future.


I serve on these committees in the Idaho House of Representatives:

  • Joint Finance Appropriation committtee–JFAC appropriates the funds for the programs that the legislature wants.
  • Transportation and Defense—deals with Idaho Transportation Department rules of the road, DMV, trucking, and a few National Guard issues.
  • Commerce and Human Resources—deals with employ law and some Health and Welfare issues.

I am also on the following committees:

  • Food Safety Committee
  • Idaho Governor’s Residence Committee
  • Idaho State Group Insurance Advisory Committee
  • Millenium fund
  • legislative council


I regularly attend meetings of:

  • Governor’s Health care task force
  • Idaho Transportation Departments’ board meetings
  • Voices for Children
  • Meetings about education, resources, & public transportation